The StressChecker Company

The StressChecker Company develops and sells stress and lifestyle monitoring products for at home, on the road, at work and during sports.

In addition to already being used by many consumers, the StressChecker products have  also become popular among doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, sport psychologists, sports trainers and personal coaches, work-life balance and stress counsellors, dieticians and companies offering employee lifestyle programs.

The StressChecker products are also used by health insurance companies such as IKK and AOK in preventive and health-awareness customer programs, etc.

We sell the StressChecker products directly to consumers, through third-party retail stores and online shops as well as wholesalers.

 We also provide tailormade projects for those companies and organizations that actively want to contribute to the health of their employees, as well as to the consulting companies supporting these activities.

Our products can be adapted as and when required to ideally suit the application and style of our customers.