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App with Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod (iOS 8.0 or higher). iStresschecker provides insight into how your approach to life and work affects your stress level and vitality. Helps to develop a more relaxing lifestyle and let you maintain heart rate variability (HRV), providing you a handy and a healthy lifestyle solution.

Android version available 2nd quarter of 2019.

$ 94.95

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App with Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod (iOS 8.0 or higher). Enables you to remotely monitor the effect of your guidance on patients and clients. The data gathered plays an important role in the evaluation of your current and future approach. It is an online stress and lifestyle management centre , providing multiple functions to everyone.

$ 179.50 per year

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Windows software with USB heart rate monitor. Compatible with Windows PCs with Windows 7 and above, and with Windows 8 & 10 tablets. The software, like a professional sports training coach, teaches you what you can cope with, both physically and mentally. Thus, providing stress measuring apps that are as professional tests. Enables you to experiment to explore how relaxation activities, relaxation techniques, and sports training sessions really affect you.

$ 89.95

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Offers the same functionality as the StressChecker for consumers. This gives your clients or patients better insight into how your support improves their resilience to stress. It protects athletes from overtraining and undertraining. Capacity for an unlimited number of client profiles. Hence, it is a prompt stress measuring app that is easy to use.

$ 119.50

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Daily self-monitoring motivates to change unhealthy lifestyle habits for good.

Stress Measuring Apps, Basis for Healthy Lifestyle Solutions

The StressChecker applications have been originated and introduced with an aim to assist you to gain a clear understanding of your lifestyle habits, the amount of social and work-related stress encountered and the impact of the stress on your vitality.

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In your life

Dealing with your life, relationships and your career can be inspiring as well as provocative and often problematic and stressful. However, this is the story of everyone’s life and such phases of life are inevitable to occur.

The encouraging part is when you are keen to learn and develop your lifestyle that is full of vitality which in turn, prepares you well to face the challenges of life.

Without doubt, a healthy you is a stronger you. With unhealthy lifestyle habits, it is possible to lose interest in life.

StressChecker offers an easy way to gain insight into your unhealthy lifestyle habits and the amount of pressure you feel, both socially and at work, as the basis for tackling your stress.

In your practise

If you are a healthcare professional or a sports/fitness trainer then you might be aware that:

60-90 percent of all visits to doctors and psychologists are related to some form of stress (source: Harvard Researchers, USA).

Over 75 percent of all modern-day diseases are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle (source: World Health Organization).

Self-monitoring has a strongly motivational effect on long-lasting behavioural change. (source: UCL, UK).

The report above makes it evident that regularly measuring of stress along with changed routine, helps in enhancing one’s lifestyle.

In your organization

As an internal or external advisor related to the sustainable deployability of employees, you know that this group has only limited awareness of the possible consequences of long-term stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

This is confirmed by research by the World Health Organization (WHO), among others.

Your organization has set goals of continuously raising awareness on the healthy and better lifestyle through health-promotion initiatives.

What can the StressChecker products offer you, as a consumer?

* You can get a clear and objective picture of your daily lifestyle habits and the amount of social and work-related stress you feel, as well as of the impact on your stress level and vitality. In short, there will be no need to consult a professional for a stress checked test and evaluation, unless or until, a dire need arises.

* Based on this information, you can take a structured approach to changing your habits and circumstances in your life. You can then monitor whether the changes you make have the desired effect, and adapt your approach accordingly.

* Based on the biofeedback, you can assess the effectiveness of relaxation techniques.

* You can also use the StressChecker products as a tool to optimise fitness and sports training.

What can the StressChecker products offer you as a pro?

* They make it easier for you to visualise the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle habits and chronic stress for your patients and clients, as the basis for discussion.

* You can assess health issues from a broader perspective.

* You can monitor the actual effect of your support on your patients’ and clients’ resilience and ability to recover.

* You can use the StressChecker products to teach relaxation techniques.

* You can also use the StressChecker products as a tool to optimise fitness and sports training.

What can the StressChecker products offer your organization?

* With healthy lifestyle solutions apps your employees’ motivation will increase to take better care of their vitality, both at home and at work, by offering them the option of daily self-monitoring.

* You can also boost the effectiveness of employee health programs that are focused on preventing stress and burn-outs.